World's Largest Asset Owner Joins 30% Club / Networking Misconceptions/More Efficient Networking

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We have an exciting line up of events planned for you this week. On Tuesday, we have a luncheon in San Antonio that will feature some of the students from the Young Women’s Leadership Academy San Antonio. Join us for lunch, hear their stories and share yours as well. Many of these young women will be first generation college students, so the more women they meet whose experiences they can learn from, the better! Dallas is hosting its annual Casino Night – this is a great fun event and we are grateful to Haynes and Boone for hosting us in their beautiful event space! Lastly, we have our second annual fundraiser luncheon in Fort Worth – come hear from business leaders in the community about how diversity has helped their bottom line. Details of all the events can be found here:
We begin this week with literally landmark news from the world’s largest asset owner: The Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund has joined the 30% club in the UK and the Thirty Percent Coalition in the US. These organizations are using the weight of institutional investors to help achieve the goal of women holding 30% of board seats across public companies. The reason behind their decision? In addition to outperformance based on ROE, “the JPY135 trillion (€1.14 trillion) fund, the world’s largest, said it believed the integration of environment, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment process mitigated investment risk, and gender diversity is widely regarded as one of major social and governance factors.” The full article can be found here:
On the networking front, two great articles from HBR this week. The first, the title says it all, “Five Misconceptions About Networking. The full article can be found here:
Finally, a guide to how successful people network with each other to make more efficient use of each other’s time. Read on:
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