Workplace Equality Needs Men Too / Female CEOs Face Additional Scrutiny /Horback Appointed Co-Leader at Carlyle

Happy Monday:
To begin, a great article from the NY Times and the title says it all – “Why Workplace Equality Needs Men Too.” Author Peggy Klaus notes that while all female events are important to build a supportive network and learn new skills, having men in the room when it comes to issues like the gender pay gap and expanding roles and opportunities for women and minorities, men also need to be at the table. The full article can be found here:
Eighteen months ago, Intel announced its commitment to improving diversity, and sadly after 18 months they have little to show for it in spite of pledging $300 million over 5 years to address the problem. The full article can be found here:
Last week, Carlyle named Sandra Horbach as co-leader of their buyout arm. Ms. Horbach also has the distinction of being the first female partner at a major American private equity firm. The full article can be found here:
The Wall Street Journal examines the extra pressures that female CEOs face. Because their ranks are so thin, they face additional scrutiny that men avoid. Case in point Marissa Mayer at Yahoo – when Ms. Mayer inherited the company there had been almost too many missteps to count and it would have taken a literal miracle to turn that ship around, however, since she was the last one at the helm, the majority of the blame is being heaped on her shoulders. The full article can be found here:
And finally from the UK, a temporary worker helped to overturn a decades old employment law that allowed companies to require women to wear high heels and makeup as part of a corporate dress code. Said another way, before the law was overturned in 2016, a professional woman could be sent home from her job for not wearing heels. Read on:
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