Weekly Newsletter – February 3, 2014

Happy Monday!
You will note that we have posted our 5th Annual Investment Outlook Panel to be held in Dallas on May 15th. We have an outstanding line up of speakers – mostly allocators this year – to share with you their views on the market. This is our biggest event of the year with 300+ people in attendance – both men and women, so get your tickets and help us get the word out.
This event is our biggest fund raiser of the year. As you know, TXWSW supports the Foundation for the Education of Young Women in its mission to deliver college preparatory eduction to economically disadvantaged young women. The Foundation has a record of 100% graduation rates from high school and the first graduates of the Dallas school graduated from college last spring. Their success is nothing short of outstanding when you consider the dropout rate for girls in Texas is 30% and many FEYW girls are first in their families to graduate from high school much less have a chance at college.
So why is educating girls important? A new Wold Bank study concluded that when women are able to earn an income, they typically reinvest 90 percent of it back into their families and communities. And, for every year a girl stays in school, her future earnings will increase exponentially. The more time a girl spends in the classroom, the higher the return on investment for her time, and the beneficiaries are stronger families and communities.
I urge you to read the full article on the Huffington Post entitled How Empowering Women in STEM Can Spur Economic Development.”
The conclusion of the article? “Since girls and women represent 50 percent of the world population, enabling them to participate in their local economies helps broaden the employment pool. The world needs thinkers, leaders and doers more than ever, so neglecting the minds of half the population means a lost opportunity to benefit from their ideas, contributions and actions. Educating girls and women and equipping them with ICT skills offers a clear return on investment for society: stronger families, stronger communities, stronger economies.”
Kind regards

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