Weekly Newsletter – February 24, 2014

Happy Monday!
Making news this weekend is the different way that men and women approach managing their wealth. And why does anybody care about this? I quote: “Scores of recent studies show that we’re in the midst of a tectonic gender shift around money: It’s big, slow-moving and ultimately a game-changer. Women have money now, real money: They earn a combined $29 trillion worldwide, according to the Boston Consulting Group, about $3 trillion of that in the United States. And while men still earn more, women control nearly three-quarters of all purchasing decisions. Judging by other economic indicators, those numbers will only grow. (Here’s a small fact: Did you know that since 1982 women have earned 9.1 million more associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees than men?). “
And when there is a tectonic shift on the horizon, Wall Street sits up and takes notice. Bottom line in the article – women’s approach to money – evaluating financial choices carefully, avoiding rash moves and asking a lot of questions before investing produces profits over the long term. So the difference is in how firms communicate with female clients versus their male clients (sensing a theme here?).
The whole article can be found here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/23/business/mars-venus-and-the-handling-of-money.html?_r=0
We have just some amazing events coming up over the next few months. And if you can get to Houston in March, the workshop on Effective Communication in the Workplace is something not to be missed. See you all at an event soon!
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