Volunteer Spotlight Shule Han Limitless Leader

TXWSW salutes its all-volunteer staff of women who are leaders in their field and make the time to contribute to our collective success. They lead by example and are generous with their time and resources in helping others. They are truly Limitless Leaders.
Please join us in recognizing Shule Han, a Limitless Leader. We are grateful for all that she does!
Shule Han
Ernst & Young (EY)
Tax Senior Manager
Texas Wall Street Women Volunteer Status: Networking Committee Member, Dallas Chapter
Why did you choose to become a volunteer?
In April 2018, one of our audit partners talked to me. She encouraged me to get involved in the local community in the financial industries. It’s a good match when TXWSW was looking for a volunteer to joining their Education, Philanthropy and Networking Committees. I really enjoyed the atmosphere after attending several Texas Wall Street Women events in 2018. The people I met over there were amazing. All this motivated me to make my own contribution to the organization. Volunteering is one of the best ways to reach the goal. It provides me the opportunities to serve the community and helps my personal and professional growth as well.
How have networking groups like Texas Wall Street Women helped your career?
Research shows that the most connected people are often the most successful. TXWSW helps me develop/improve my skill sets, stay on top of the latest trends in the financial industry, keep a pulse on the job market and meet prospective mentors. Moreover, I also gain access to the necessary resources that foster my career development. In the events, it’s not merely the exchange of information with others, or begging for favors. C-suite, happy hours, luncheon, education events and Annual State of the Markets gives me chances to establish and nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people I meet.
What future change would you like to see in the finance industry (or your industry) and how will you contribute to that change?
“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” That famous line from Bill Gates certainly applies to the finance industry. Rapidly advancing technologies, evolving customer expectations and a changing regulatory landscape are opening doors to disruptive innovation in financial services. Diversity and inclusion will also continue to dominate the discussion in the organizations. Our firm focuses on developing the skills and mindset which enable all of our people to have more and more inclusive behaviors with teams and clients. In reality, dealing gracefully with difference is not something that comes naturally. It’s a competence we all need to develop and require of everyone. I strive to achieve this by embedding it in providing more learning curriculum; these skills make us most effective, as they are tied to business and to personal effectiveness.
What is your current favorite book or podcast regarding personal growth, female empowerment, and or career advice?
Educated by Tara Westover is one of my favorite books. “My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs. Tara ‘s memoir is incredibly engrossing not just because of the roller-coaster of traumatic events that occur throughout her life, but also because of her ability to weave humanity and complicated familial relationships in her portrayal of events.Texas Wall Street Women is a non-profit networking group that supports its members in their career growth by offering valuable networking and educational opportunities. We also give back to our community through our partnership with the Young Women’s Preparatory Network that provides college preparatory education to underserved girls across Texas. We provide our entire programming with an all-volunteer staff who all have successful finance careers and still have time to volunteer to help other women achieve their goals.

Do you know a Limitless Leader making a difference in finance? We encourage you to share this with your mentors, friends, and colleagues so that we can celebrate their achievements and success by becoming a member of Texas Wall Street Women.

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