Removing bias from the hiring process, Samantha Greenberg’s Margate Capital lands $130 million seed deal; Update on women in commercial real estate

Happy Monday!
Some humor to start the day – Organic Balance nailed what a professional woman’s morning is like. I mean who of us doesn’t check their work emails under the covers at the crack of dawn?
Which brings us to a great article from HBR – the title says it all, “How to Get into a Rhythm at Work if You Cannot Stick to a Schedule. “ The full article can be found here:
Also from HBR and based on work from the University of Texas, the article outlines concrete steps we can all take to remove bias from hiring. It is commonly known that we try to ‘replicate’ ourselves in the hiring process which is why we end up with male banker hiring more male bankers and female teachers hiring more female teachers.  Replacing unstructured interviews with a structured process can help managers find the best candidate, not just one that reminds them of themselves. The full article can he found here:
From the real estate world, CREW did a major study on the progress women are making in the commercial real estate field. Bottom line? The good news is that women’s level of satisfaction with their careers in the field has improved, especially for the women with 20+ years of experience. The bad news? Women still report facing gender discrimination and the pay gap is firmly in place. The full article can be found here:
Lastly, kudos to Samantha Greenberg for landing a $130 million seed deal from Ramius Capital to launch her new hedge fund Margate Capital. This is the second woman-led firm that Ramius has seeded. They helped Nancy Davis launch Quadratic Capital back in 2014 and by all accounts that firm is doing well. The full article on Margate can be found here:
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