Newsletter November 24, 2015

Happy Tuesday and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
With the holidays upon us, this is a big revenue season for the entertainment industry and diversity (or the lack there of) is in the spotlight. The New York Times did a long piece on the issue that women face in that industry – their stories sound remarkably similar to what women experience in finance. The full article can be found here:
Sandra Bullock’s solution to the gender pay gap is to change the way we view women – when women are viewed as equals, issues like the pay gap will reverse themselves: Sharon Stone notes that the gender pay gap is like ‘economic blackmail.’ Women cannot afford to not work, so they are stuck with the situation in order to feed their families:
A Huffington Post survey illustrates how much of a shift in thinking this change will require – 65% of women don’t think men consider them equals at work.  But then interestingly, 33% of women still don’t think they encounter gender bias at work which is a big part of the issue. Unless we ALL address the elephant in the room, it never goes away. The full article can be found here:
Although things may be shifting with 1 billion women set to join the global economy over the next decade – this could have more of an impact on GDP growth than the billion plus populations of India and China. Read on:
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