Newsletter July 13, 2015

Happy Monday!
To start out your morning on an uplifting note, Always has done a follow-up video to their ‘Like a Girl’ commercial that is immensely powerful – get your box out, write down what is holding you back and break through it and then share this with every girl and woman you know!:
Next, the Wall Street Journal shared an article with the statistics on how few female fund managers are running mutual funds. It turns out a woman running a mutual fund on her own is a rarity, more often she is part of a team and over 77% of mutual funds are run by men alone:
And a take on the reasons why there are so few women in the pipeline from ACIO Magazine, to quote “State Street’s Duncan says the gender disparity in today’s asset management industry is no longer a “leaky pipeline” problem. That theory is, in fact, an excuse. Instead of the discrimination and lack of interest that existed decades ago, she says the problem today is in unconscious biases that falsely claim women are inferior investors. The industry needs a disruption of these stereotypes—and the conviction to change the culture.” The full article can be found here:,-Lunch-Won-t-Cut-It/?p=1  and one more – the title says it all:–Hope-over-Action-/
Lastly, from the ‘fixing unconscious bias file’ designer Caitlin Winner gave the Facebook icons a much needed makeover – her story can be found here:
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