Newsletter January 20, 2015

Happy Tuesday!
So it is official – gender does matter – at least when it comes to building better teams. A recent MIT study focused on building more effective teams noted that teams with more women outperformed teams with more men. The full article can be found here:
And in another study, HBR research points out that it is not women who are holding themselves back – it is the culture of the workplace that keeps women from succeeding – and apologizing about it along the way. Very powerful reading. The full article can be found here:
And I wanted to share the profile of the most powerful woman in hedge funds:
Leda Braga launched Systematica this month with $8.5 billion in assets.
For those in wealth management, did you know that among baby boomers, 70% of wives are expected to outlive their husbands and women will control of $22 trillion of household assets?  Considering that most women feel underserved when looking for a financial advisor, the industry has a way to go to meet their needs:
Huge thank you to Heidi Lawson for presenting for us in 4 cities last week. The response from those of you who attended was overwhelmingly positive and we appreciate her for bringing us such timely and informative content. We have great events in store for you all in February – in Austin, we have a happy hour at the iconic Shady Grove. Hopefully we will have a beautiful evening to be outside. In Dallas, we have some amazing speakers for our C-Suite Dinner. This is filling up fast, so register early – you will not want to miss being able to have a small format dinner with these amazingly accomplished women. And in Houston, we have a fun evening planned at the Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen. Come out and meet our new committee members and share your ideas for future events!
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