Newsletter December 28, 2015

Happy Monday!
I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. I found one article in the Harvard Business Review that I wanted to share as you think about next year – this is good advice for all of us!  Read on:
I also wanted to resend a very powerful comic strip that, I hope, will change the way you look at privilege. It places to individuals side by side showing how financial security or the lack thereof can lead to different outcomes even if a child has a loving family to support them:
In a nutshell, this is why I am such a passionate advocate for girl’s education – if we can help the YWPN students come away with a solid college preparatory education and adequate scholarship money for college, then we are changing the outcomes, not only for these girls, but for the future families they will have. Your involvement in not only donating money, but in volunteering will give them access to information on career paths and contacts for internships that will place them firmly on the path to success with the multiplier effect that investing in girls brings.
To that end, I am asking all of you to help TXWSW with their support of the 7 girls’ schools run by the Young Women’s Preparatory Network – if you have year-end giving to do, I would ask you to include them in your philanthropy:
Happy Holidays to you all – may your New Year’s week be filled with love, peace and happiness and very best wishes for a happy healthy and successful 2016.
Very kind regards

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