New advice for handling resume gaps; dismal update on the gender pay gap and board diversity; girls outperform on technology literacy tests and standing up against the ‘law of silence’

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In the news lately is the question of how women should handle a gap in their resumes if they take time out to raise a family. The current advice flies in the face of conventional wisdom – women who spoke up about taking time off to raise their families were 30-40% more likely to be hired than those that did not. The full articles can be found here:  and
Last week the Wall Street Journal did an updated report on the pay gap and apparently the better educated women are and the higher up a woman climbs in the ranks, the larger the pay gap. One study showed that 10 years after graduating with a University of Chicago MBA, those women earned 57% of their male classmates. The full article can be found here:
From the other intractable problem file, the push to add minorities and women to corporate boards has yet to yield real results. The article noted that board members are selected from pools of prior CEOs and since diversity there is slim, boards are adding to their ranks from the same narrow talent pool. The full article can be found here:
NBC news reported that American 8th grade girls on average scored better than their male peers in technology and engineering literacy tests – so one could draw the conclusion that the lack of women in technology is not about aptitude and more about barriers to entry. The full article can be found here:
Finally some good news out of Europe – Muirfield Golf Club recently voted against allowing female members, and because of that, the club has been stripped of the right to host the British Open. For those who are not golfers, Muirfield holds a special place in golf history as the source of the written rules of golf dating back to 1744. Kudos to the British Open for standing up for their principles and leaving history in the past:
In France, women are taking a stand against the ‘law of silence’ around sexual harassment.  According to an official report in 2014, one in five women in France will be a victim of sexual harassment during their career. To raise awareness of the issue, 17 French politicians have written an open letter saying they will no longer endure sexual harassment from their colleagues. The full article can be found here:
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