Alex Goldfayn

Alex Goldfayn, TXWSW

Alex Goldfayn, TXWSWAlex Goldfayn

Evangelist Marketing Institute, LLC
Alex Goldfayn grows sales.
Thousands of individual salespeople and hundreds of organizations have applied the approaches Alex detailed on this channel to grow their sales quickly and significantly.
He is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestsellers, 5-Minute Selling (released in late August 2020) and Selling Boldly (2018), and the sales book of the year according to 800-CEO-Read The Revenue Growth Habit.  He is also the author of Evangelist Marketing.
He is the CEO of The Revenue Growth Consultancy, which works with organizations to install positive mindsets and systems of simple behaviors which routinely generate an additional 10 to 20% new sales annually.
His clients include manufacturers, distributors, and business-to-business service organizations, typically in mature industries — which make the world go around. Revenue growth projects with Alex run typically run for six to 12 months and generate 10-20% new sales for his clients. Projects include multiplelearning experiences for your customer-facing teams, as well as detailed tracking, scorekeeping, accountability, and recognition components.
Not only does Alex regularly implement the systems in this book of or this clients, he applies the approaches in his own firm, one of the highest grossing and most successful solo consulting practices of any kind in America.
Throughout the year, Alex delivers more than 75 sales workshops and keynote speeches for companies, executive groups, and associations.
Alex lives with his wife and 11-year-old twins in the Chicago area.

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