A Woman's View from the Street 9/16/20

Happy Wednesday!

We have just a phenomenal line-up of events for you through December. You will note that our theme is all about helping our members thrive in this challenging environment. Operating in a virtual world has opened the door to powerhouse speakers that we are able to share with you! We have also made more events coed, so please help us get the word out to your friends and co-workers. 

If you missed our amazing economic panel last week, you will not want to miss what our CIOs have to say, so take a moment to register for the event on 9/25. Please note that for our event and year-long sponsors, we will be hosting a series of private happy hours with our State of the Market’s speakers over the next 60 days, and it is not too late to attend as a sponsor! Consider it the ultimate insider access!

As always, the State of the Markets event is our biggest fundraiser for the Young Women’s Preparatory Network, and we have moved our usual silent auction to Rally Up this year. We have some wonderful items and of course the proceeds go to benefit YWPN. The link to the auction items can he found here.

Last week also marked a milestone in that Wall Street has its first female CEO. Citi named Jane Fraser to head the bank, and while this is a momentous moment, Wall Street still has a long way to go. A recent Bloomberg article noted that of the operating teams that oversee the six largest banks, women make up a third or less of those groups. Hopefully, Ms. Fraser’s appointment is the first step in making our industry truly more diverse. The full article can be found here.

Bridgewater is back in the headlines after its Co-CEO filed a gender discrimination lawsuit. Now, the director of investment research, or the 4th most senior investor at the firm is also suing over compensation noting that male counterparts in operational roles were paid more. The full article can be found here.

Finally, there is a great article on how to network from home. Just like the pandemic has increased our access to speakers, networking from home means you can reach out to anyone anywhere instead of being limited by the geography of events that you can attend. This article has a great step by step guide and can be found here.

I would ask each of you to consider corporate sponsorship of TXWSW. Benefits include attendance at our flagship events and recognition for your firm.  And most importantly, you help us support the life-changing work of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. To learn more about YWPN, you can find a short video here. To learn more and sponsorship, you may find our sponsor information here. Additionally, we would be happy to create a custom sponsorship for you. Please contact Bianca King at developmentdirector@txwsw.com

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