A Woman's View from the Street 6/4/19

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Happy Tuesday!

Celebrating our Limitless Leaders: today we honor Brittyn Bender. Brittyn is a Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor at Argent Trust. She is also the Fort Worth Education Chair and Board member of TXWSW. Read more about why she gives back: https://txwsw.com/volunteer-spotlight-brittyn-brender-limitless-leader/

A recent article in OCIO magazine notes that diversity is not a priority for asset managers. A recent survey by Wilshire Associates noted that while managers have an interest in diversity, it has not translated to action at the majority of firms. The statistics speak for themselves: “fewer than 200 of 7,000 mutual funds are run by women, and  women accounted for just over 10% of investment partner or equivalent roles. Additionally, it said people of color make up 22% of the venture capital workforce, with African American employees and Hispanic or Latino employees at just 3% and 4%, respectively.” The full article can be found here.

The next article notes subtle ways women are undermined at work. As the article notes, these things can be subtle, but the author does a great job of pointing them out and explaining how these behaviors put women at a disadvantage. The full article can be found here.

In the US, one in four children lives in poverty. This statistic is what makes me so passionate about TXWSW’s support of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. The reason so many American children are living in poverty is that one quarter of all mothers aged 25 to 34 are not married and roughly half of them make less than $30,000 a year compared to just 20% of all young women. “For many, jobs don’t pay enough to cover the child care they need to work — so without policies like paid parental leave, sick leave and public preschool, they can’t afford to work.” To learn more about the state of single mother in the workforce, the full article can be found here.

You may notice a new addition to our homepage. We have created the Limitless jewelry line to both inspire women and help us in our philanthropy mission of supporting the Young Women’s Preparatory network. Proceeds from the purchase of the Limitless charm go directly to the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. Designed for us by one of the nation’s preeminent jewelry manufacturers, this beautiful, inspirational charm comes in both silver and 14 carat gold and can be worn every day on a bracelet or necklace. Please help us support these deserving students while inspiring all the wonderful women in your life.

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