A Woman’s View from the Street 12/12/18

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December is bonus season and the first article ought to come in handy. With all of the incredibly accomplished folks that I know, very few of them (including me) are adept at accepting compliments. It can be easier to deflect praise rather than accepting it and there are both career and health benefits in learning to acknowledge our accomplishments. The full article can be found here.

Speaking of accomplishments, the next article profiles Lauren Simmons, who at 24, is the youngest female broker on the New York Stock Exchange. Simmons is only one of two women who work on the floor and to say she is driven and articulate is an understatement. You can find her interview here.

An MBA is seen as a path to better career opportunity and a substantial increase in pay, but before you put in an application, a recent survey shows that for most women who earn an MBA, the gender pay gap persisted, unless they moved into the tech industry. The full article can be found here.

Finally, in response to last week’s Bloomberg article advising men to avoid women at work as a way to avoid #metoo situations, this next article notes that the strategy “seems to reflect men’s distrust of their own ability to do something pretty simple: share a meal with a young woman without harassing her. In all cases, these self-instituted rules are deeply gendered, suggesting that the men suspect women are likely to fabricate harassment or assault allegations, and implying that the mendo trust themselves not to sexually harass other men.” The article goes on to suggest that the best solution to the harassment problem is a simple one: Don’t sexually assault or harass anyone. The full article can be found here.

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