A Decade of Phenomenal Women featuring Michelle Gass

In celebration of TXWSW’s ten-year anniversary, we are starting our limited series featuring women in senior-level positions in finance that have made a difference in the lives of their colleagues and community.
We recently sat down with Michelle U. Gass, CPA, CFP® Founder & Principal of Paradigm Advisors based in Dallas, Texas.

Define career success.

“Career success means being the best I can be and having a positive impact on the lives of those I serve and those who follow me.”

How did you choose finance as your career?

“In a way finance chose me…I started in tax accounting, transitioned by starting a hedge fund and later became a Certified Financial Planner. It has been a phenomenal journey.”

Share your best career advice.

  • Stay intellectually curious and never stop learning
  • Always treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Work Happy – find a career that stimulates you and find joy in your daily endeavors
  • Push yourself to reach further than you think you can and sooner than you feel 100% ready – you can accomplish much more than you may realize”

How have networking groups like Texas Wall Street Women helped your career?

“I have gotten so much out of TXWSW and other networking groups. At TXWSW, it has been extremely beneficial to have other successful women as role models, to develop deeper relationships with colleagues in the financial world and to have friends to share our challenges and accomplishments.”

What is your advice on giving back and helping the next generation of women in finance?

“Pay it forward – We can learn so much from each other. When we mentor one another, we get much more back than we give.”

Do you know a phenomenal woman making a difference in finance? We encourage you to nominate your mentors, friends, and colleagues so that we can celebrate their achievements and success by sending their name, and email address to info@txwsw.com.

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