The CFA Society of Dallas and TXWSW presents: The Ubiquity of Cyber Vulnerabilities

CFA Society Dallas/Fort Worth

It’s a Hobson’s choice.  We, as a market, as a people, as a nation, must address and embrace the unknowns of the internet or remain vulnerable and open to exploitation.
There are far too many assumptions with cyber, too many scenarios.   Cyber directs many things including supervisory control and data acquisition, military command and control, all financial transactions, personal transactions, and increasingly virtually all human interaction. We either begin to alter our online behavior (it starts with simple password protocols), and put in place security measures and protections (commercially available privacy software) or we will be vulnerable to exploitation.


Major General (Ret.) James A. “Spider” Marks
Advisor – Academy Securities



Join us for lunch and a discussion with Major General Spider Marks to learn what you can do to assess cyber risk in your portfolio, your firm and your personal life.



Ryan A. Bailey, CFA, FRM, CAIA, CMT
Former Investment Officer and Interim CIO
Meadows Foundation




Wednesday, January 22, 2014
5:30pm Reception
6:00pm Program
The Crescent Club – Rotisserie Room
200 Crescent Court Dallas, TX 75201
phone: 214-953-4343
Event is $35 for Dallas CFA Society Members – please register on their site
$50 for TXWSW paid members
$60 for TXWSW free/basic members and guests
Men and women are welcome at this event!

Major General Spider Marks’ attendance is sponsored by Academy Securities

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