Women are untapped global resource/ Mommy tax of 10% for high earners/Women's opportunity lags in the law/Female fund managers a rarity

Happy Monday:
To begin, there was a great article written for Time Magazine by the CEO of Deloitte, Catherine Engelbert. She notes that women remain the most untapped natural resource in the global marketplace and the benefit of unlocking that resource is economic growth. Her words make for powerful reading: http://time.com/4587281/catherine-engelbert-gender-equality/
And as evidence of how far we have to go, Morningstar notes that female fund managers are a rarity across the globe. This statistic always confounds given the outperformance that women have demonstrated but access to both opportunity and capital remain beyond their grasp. Morningstar’s survey of 26,340 fund managers is one of the most comprehensive I have seen. The full article can be found here: http://www.morningstar.in/posts/38639/female-managers.aspx
In the legal profession, even though women take up nearly half the seats at US law schools, women do not have the same career opportunities as men. Despite the number of women holding law degrees, they account for fewer than 20% of partnerships at law firms and are underrepresented in the ranks of judges, corporate counsel, law school deans and professors. The full article can be found here:http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/30/business/dealbook/more-law-degrees-for-women-but-fewer-good-jobs.html?_r=0
And if the above two articles have not made an impression, maybe this one will – my readers are familiar with the mommy tax of roughly 4% –  when women have children, their career earnings are derailed even if they don’t take much time off. Well, it seems the penalty for high earning moms is even greater. The penalty climbs to 10% per child. The survey also found that many high-earning moms were shoved out of their jobs versus leaving by choice. Can we say waste of talent and drain on GDP? The full article can be found here:https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-12-01/bad-idea-to-have-that-baby-worse-if-you-re-a-high-earner
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