How women decide and are penalized for it, Less specific feedback is impeding women’s progress; Positions where the gender pay gap reverses

Happy Monday:
From the good news file, Bloomberg reported that Safra Catz became the highest paid female executive when she became co-CEO of Oracle. The full article can be found here:
Which brings us to an HBR article that shows that for certain skill sets, the gender pay gap is beginning to reverse and women are actually paid a premium.  These women are obviously in the minority, but it is progress nonetheless. The full article can be found here:
Also from the HBR, a new study shows that one of the things holding women back is less specific feedback at annual review time. Men are more often given clear guidance on what they are doing well and what specific steps they need to take to make it to the next level. Not so for women, so in your next review, it is a good idea to seek out constructive useful feedback. The full article can be found here:
Finally, to add to your summer reading list, the New York Times reviewed Therese Huston’s book How Women Decide. The book explores the double standard “when it comes to how men and women are perceived as decision-makers, and those differences can hamper much more than a woman’s career.” The book illustrates how stereotypes about women lead to situations where we are trapped and cannot come out ahead no matter what we do, in other words, darned if we do and darned if we don’t. The fact that there is enough material on this subject to fill a book speaks volumes about the issue (pun intended). The full article can be found here:
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