Weekly Newsletter – January 6, 2014

Happy Monday and Happy New Year!
Last week I got a great article on how to manage New Year’s resolutions that really resonated with me because I am pretty awful at resolutions! The bottom line of the article was to not bother with resolutions but basically work all year at making your routine more efficient, and the author gives some great tips on this. My favorite tip was to get up 20 minutes early – before anyone else – and use that 20 minutes each day to get things done that you never seem to have time for! Love that! I have attached the full article at the bottom of the events schedule for those of you that want to read the whole thing.
So we have a ton of great events coming up this month! For our Houston women, we have a committee recruiting brunch next weekend – please attend if you want to learn more about volunteering or want to share event suggestions with us! In Austin we have a great opportunity to have dinner with 2 CIOs and hear what these brilliant investors are up to. We also have a Family Office event in Dallas that you will not want to miss, so check out our event line up and get signed up as many of these events are space limited.
We will look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!
Kind regards

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