Volunteer Spotlight Nichole Ake Limitless Leader

Nichole Ake TXWSW Limitless Leaders Campaign-16

TXWSW salutes its all-volunteer staff of women who are leaders in their field and make the time to contribute to our collective success. They lead by example and are generous with their time and resources in helping others. They are truly Limitless Leaders.
Please join us in recognizing Nichole Ake, a Limitless Leader. We are grateful for all that she does!
Nichole Ake
Senior Vice President
BBVA Women in Leadership Board Member & Executive Sponsor Houston BBVA Volunteer Chapter
TXWSW Status: Board Member and Chair of Houston Education Committee
How have networking groups like Texas Wall Street Women helped your career?
Whether living in Dallas or Houston, TXWSW has been a supportive tribe of women and men helping during each stage of our lives. It is a community of support throughout your career at pivotal career transition points: for those just entering the workforce, early stages of their career women, looking for mentors, getting married, having kids, switching jobs, moving, balancing work/life and career trajectory, finding new & better jobs, consoling, coaching and motivating each other when needed, reinventing ourselves, going back to our passions, reinforcing the grit when we question ourselves, challenging each other while supporting our unique ambitions, and learning new things along the way, and for established women just wanting to surround themselves with other smart females. There is something for everyone based on their circumstances and stage of their life. What better place to get everything you might hope for?
What future change would you like to see in the finance industry (or your industry) and how will you contribute to that change?
Every day I see progress or at least I’m hopeful it is progress- even when it doesn’t feel like it. There are days that I’m frustrated with myself that I’m not doing more or enough to contribute. I’m excited at the energy surrounding seeing the US Women’s National Soccer Team’s success, the impact and conversations the Fearless Girl stimulated, the hope for an all-female astronaut mission and moonwalk, and Serena Williams’ boldness. The laws are changing for board diversity. Don’t get me wrong, I am conflicted at times by some controversial approaches, the lack of speed of change or that it is still a conversation, but we all need to contribute what and where we can to make it easier for others until the need becomes obsolete. This very much includes having both women and men engaged. Whether intentional or not, I owe it to others to do my part- however significant. What “I” will do is still a question I wish I had a concrete answer to.
What is your current favorite book or podcast regarding personal growth, female empowerment, and or career advice?
I’m going to have a little creative liberty with this one and answer this slightly different in part to the previous question on how to be part of the change. What I’m most excited about is the new Women in Leadership (WIL)- BBVA link on LinkedIn. It just started and it’s a way to foster the sharing of information. We were looking for a central area to share impactful information among our employees as well as attract external talent. Outside of that, a few of the areas where I’ve been seeking inspiration lately are: Ellevest, Ellevate Network, STEMGems, Girls who Code, The Mom Project, & Inspiring Girls International. Lastly….for some awe-inspiring innovation- Cheddar. The BBVA WIL book club is currently reading Playing Big by Tara Mohr.Texas Wall Street Women is a non-profit networking group that supports its members in their career growth by offering valuable networking and educational opportunities. We also give back to our community through our partnership with the Young Women’s Preparatory Network that provides college preparatory education to underserved girls across Texas. We provide our entire programming with an all-volunteer staff who all have successful finance careers and still have time to volunteer to help other women achieve their goals.

Do you know a Limitless Leader making a difference in finance? We encourage you to share this with your mentors, friends, and colleagues so that we can celebrate their achievements and success by becoming a member of Texas Wall Street Women.

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