Volunteer Spotlight Heather L Traeger Limitless Leader

TXWSW salutes its all-volunteer staff of women who are leaders in their field and make the time to contribute to our collective success. They lead by example and are generous with their time and resources in helping others. They are truly Limitless Leaders.
Please join us in recognizing Heather L. Traeger, a Limitless Leader. We are grateful for all that she does!
Heather L. Traeger
Chief Compliance Officer and Compliance Counsel
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
TXWSW Status: Philanthropy Committee Member – Austin
Why did you choose to become a volunteer?
To support an organization that directly fosters the success of young girls and women and, in particular, let’s them know that they can and they should enter any career they choose, including those in the financial industry.
How have networking groups like Texas Wall Street Women helped your career?
I have found that relationships are essential to career development and advancement. By meeting and speaking with new people, opportunities arise to improve existing skill sets, develop new skills, be exposed to new experiences, provide assistance to others, and, equally important, make new friends.
What future change would you like to see in the finance industry (or your industry) and how will you contribute to that change?
Increased diversity and inclusion. This starts by “practicing what one preaches”. In other words, I attempt to embrace this concept in the spaces I directly touch, such as at my workplace and with the vendors and entities with whom we interact. I also seek to use speaking engagements to encourage others to reconsider their perspective regarding the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the financial industry and to share strategies to succeed and lessons learned as a woman lawyer in the financial industry.Texas Wall Street Women is a non-profit networking group that supports its members in their career growth by offering valuable networking and educational opportunities. We also give back to our community through our partnership with the Young Women’s Preparatory Network that provides college preparatory education to underserved girls across Texas. We provide our entire programming with an all-volunteer staff who all have successful finance careers and still have time to volunteer to help other women achieve their goals.

Do you know a Limitless Leader making a difference in finance? We encourage you to share this with your mentors, friends, and colleagues so that we can celebrate their achievements and success by becoming a member of Texas Wall Street Women.

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