TXWSW Newsletter / Janet Yellen / Sexual Harassment in Finance / Obstacles for Females in Finance

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Janet Yellen has become something of a feminist icon. As the first female Fed Chair, she is leaving her post having overseen the decline in unemployment and the strengthening of the economy. Amazingly during her tenure, she was often in the press for the lack of diversity of her wardrobe as opposed to what she has been able to accomplish given the mess that she inherited. The full article can be found here.
The press has been full of an outpouring of sexual harassment revelations from every industry – except finance. During the 1990’s major Wall Street investment banks were battered with embarrassing lawsuits that detailed a culture that was both demeaning and dangerous for women. Google the boom-boom room if you are too young to remember. The next article details what Wall Street learned from that era – namely to have female staff sign arbitration agreements that keep them from coming forward. The full article can be found here.
Case in point, the firing of Christine Rohrbeck from hedge fund group, Baupost which employed only 2 women out of 50 investment professionals. The full article can be found here.
A recent study by the University of California found that female fund managers have worse career outcomes than their male peers. It seems they tend to leave the industry prematurely for reasons not explained by performance, fund flows or type of funds they manage. The full article can be found here.
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