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Happy Monday:
To start, a recent Wall Street Journal article notes that many women who speak up against sexual harassment see their careers stall. The article gives some great tips including the use of reference checking companies to make sure that women aren’t being disparaged for speaking up. The full article can be found here.
Next, Forbes published a piece on 10 simple inclusion behaviors that men can incorporate starting today if they want to be part of the solution. The full article can be found here.
Pitchbook, examines the path of female founders who get VC money. It turns out that less than 2.2% of venture funding went to companies led by a woman. And it seems it get worse from there. Companies led by men get follow-on financing 35% of the time while firms led by women receive follow-on financing just 2% of the time. One commentator noted that if the rounds are led by a female VC, the odds of second round financing improve, but women make up just 11.3% of all VC partners so there is still a long way to go. The full article can be found here.
Finally, some humor for a Monday: a friend sent me a recent Tracey Ullman clip illustrating the ludicrous way women get treated when they report a crime and the clip can be found here. And in case you missed it, Kaitlin Collin’s comments on 62 year-old GOP Congressman Patrick Meehan calling his 25 year-old female staffer his soulmate are priceless and can be found here. This also begs the question: if you are 62 and your soulmate is 25, is it time to examine your soul to find out why it hasn’t grown any in the last 40 years?
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