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To begin, US News had some interesting statistics on financial advisors. It seems that 55% of women between the ages of 25 and 34 prefer working with a female financial advisor and 70% of women will select a new advisor within a year of being widowed. The upshot is that there is a good deal of opportunity for women in this field. The full article may be found here.
Another article examined the differences between the way men and women negotiate and postulated that perhaps the gender difference in the way we approach negotiation is one of the things holding women back because at this point women are, on average, more educated than men and are earning college degrees at a faster rate. The study showed that women are less likely to negotiate when they are paid less and women are penalized for the aggressive tactics that men are praised for. The article makes for an interesting read and can be found here.
The former Twitter CEO made headlines with his comment that the gender problem in tech and VC is ‘probably way worse than we’ve seen’ and calls on the industry to take concrete action to improve diversity and behavior towards women beyond signing a pledge and hoping the headlines will go away. The full article can be foundhere.
From the Wall Street Journal, there was a great article last week about the transformation of a self-proclaimed introvert into a master networker. It is an inspiring story in that the idea of ‘fake it until you make it’ really worked brilliantly in this case. The full article can be found here.
Finally, a new study noted that Americans are sleeping more and working less, but when you dig behind those numbers, it turns out the statistics are skewed by an aging population and fewer people in the workforce. People who have a job are actually working more hours. The study also showed that while the average woman works 76 minutes less per day than the average man, women spent 2 hours and 14 minutes on household chores versus 1 hour and 26 minutes for men. The amount of time men spend on household chores has increased from a decade ago, but the times mentioned do not reflect a more even distribution of household duties, rather it shows that more men live alone. The full article can be found here.
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