Standing out in a noisy world/13 women that revolutionized economics/Why men don't want jobs viewed as women's work

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To begin, the economist Justin Wolfers wrote about the fact that when economic papers are co-authored by women, the women are airbrushed out of the conversation. Business Insider published an article naming 13 women that have had the biggest impact on the theory and practice of economics. The list may be found here.
To add to your reading list, Business Insider also compiled a list of books that inspired the 11 most successful women in the word. The titles may surprise you. The full list may be found here.
From the self-improvement file, a recent Harvard Business Review article noted that self-compassion and mindfulness are the best ways to bounce back from failure. The article includes exercises you can put into practice right now. The full article can be found here.
And from the career advice file, “What you need to stand out in a noisy world” details practical advice to both make yourself more memorable and ensure your true value is recognized. The full article may be found here.
Finally, from the New York Times, one of the reasons the wage gap has proved intractable is the fact that certain jobs are viewed as women’s work and are therefore devalued. When men, especially white men, enter these careers, they are paid more and promoted faster than women. Part of the reason behind this is the fallacy that men are the only ones supporting families and other identity-related ideas that are outdated. The full article can be found here.
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