Stacey Duran

Portfolios with a Purpose

Stacey is the founder of Portfolios with Purpose, a 501c3 that raises money for charity by hosting fantasy stock picking competitions. As Founder and CEO, Stacey expanded Portfolios with Purpose to include thousands of participants from 35 different countries, including 100 of the biggest hedge fund investors on Wall Street. To date Portfolios with Purpose has raised millions of dollars for a wide range of causes including Troops First, Wounded Warriors and 22KILL. These veteran-focused beneficiaries were the impetus for her commitment to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Stacey also serves as Chairman of Texans for Veterans whose mission is to create and execute a state-sanctioned research program to study if and how cannabis can bring relief to our military community who struggle with PTSD. Additionally, Stacey is an active investor in the cannabis space and serves on the Board of Cresco Capital.  Stacey began her career in marketing. For 6 years she ran the investor relations and marketing departments for five large hedge funds, mainly through her wholly owned firm, Aesa Consulting. Most recently, Stacey is a Co-Founder of House of Hom, a fast-growing wellness community providing access to content, products and experiences that enhance mental, physical and spiritual growth. Stacey and her business partner, Whitney Stern, share their journey since launching House of Hom on Instagram (@homgirls). Stacey graduated with honors from the University of Rhode Island with her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences. Stacey lives in Dallas with her husband and three daughters. Stacey is an active member of Teneo and Summit Series.

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