Sahar Paz, CEO Own Your Own Voice Communications

Sahar Paz

CEO Own Your Own Voice Communications

As a member of GenX, there was one constant in Sahar’s career from the time she worked in Private Banking at CitiCorp in New York before pivoting into a career as an award-winning advertiser, she was a translator between leadership and those early in their career. These experiences groomed her to be a professional communicator in person, on the stage, and in the pages of her book “Find Your Voice: The Life You Crave Is A Conversation Away.”
The employees at HBO called her presentation truth serum for the soul, as Sahar humorously shares case studies of impactful and non-impactful conversations between genders and generations. You will walk away from this luncheon knowing:
• E.Q. listening – How to listen with the ear of your emotions, deciphering when you or your client are making decisions from a place of fear. To sustain a career in finance, you are constantly investing in your customers lifetime value – that takes nurturing trust by helping them make decisions that are sustainable, not only fueled by fears and feeling from the now.
• Conversation styles between generations – Your frustrations will be cut in half after understanding what different people need to constructively think and produce high quality work. We all have our game face when we’re brainstorming, before you get annoyed at another Millennial, take this nugget with you: They look down when they are constructively thinking! They’re not ignoring you.

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