Mari Kooi is currently a partner in an Investment Partnership, Santa Fe Partners. She manages her family office and serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the Santa Fe Institute where she chairs the Finance Committee. Mari is also the recently retired CEO and owner of Wolf International Companies, a group of investment companies she founded in 1997 while living in Geneva Switzerland. In this role as CEO, Mari managed a highly successful business with twelve international funds including responsibility for all investment management, business management, and product development to an international clientele. Her particular expertise is entrepreneurship, financial management, risk management, and fund structuring. Some of her financial specialties include commodities, complex fixed income derivatives, options, high frequency trading, futures, and activist investing. Wolf International served over 300 clients worldwide, including international banks, pension funds, trusts, States, private banks and private individuals. The Company ceased most operations in 2014.

Mari is now transitioning to her “governance” phase of her career taking on more leadership roles in the non-profit sector. In 2015 Mari intends to join one corporate board. Her considerable experience in this realm caused the Financial Times to put Mari on its inaugural list of “The Agenda Diversity 100”, prestigious International Board of Directors Guide. The list identifies Fortune 1000 Company Board Candidates.