Paradigm for Parity/Good Girls Revolt/Roots of Implicit Bias

Happy Monday!
More than two dozen chief executives of large US companies have signed a pledge to work towards gender parity at the executive level by 2030. One tool they are employing is the use of sponsorship to pair a woman with a senior exec to help with career advancement. Kudos to all the companies that signed the pact. The full article can be found here.
Perhaps the new administration may also want to take note – for the first time since 1993, women and minorities will be completely absent from the Cabinet. This does not make for encouraging reading. The full article may be found here.
Scientists have been studying bias for years. It is something that is ingrained in all of us since homo sapiens spent thousands of years in close-knit communities competing for scarce resources, and threats were more likely to come from people outside one’s group. The good news is that we can overcome our biased instincts if we are able to reflect on our decision-making rather than acting on instinct. The full article can be found here.
Finally, if you are looking for some good viewing over the holidays, Amazon has a series that is a must-watch. Good Girls Revolt is the story of female journalists at Newsweek who banded together to file the landmark gender bias case that paved the way for all professional women. The review may be foundhere.
Best wishes to all of you for a very happy and healthy holiday season. I hope you all get some time off with your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you all at an event in 2017!
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