Newsletter September 29, 2014

Happy Monday!
Lots of news today on many fronts! My favorite piece came from my husband, so we will start with that. As readers of this letter know, one of the issues women face is their treatment in the media and how deprecating comments about women can influence the way society views us. Last week, Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News did a story on United Arab Emirates Air Force Major Mariam Al Mansouri  bringing attention to an inspiring story of a woman shattering yet another glass ceiling. During the broadcast, one of Ms. Guilfoyle’s colleages giggled and asked if this constituted “b**bs on the ground.” Women in the workplace are no stranger to comments like this, and are often encouraged to just look the other way – boys being boys and all. The attached letter is a brilliant response to what a group of MEN believe is the appropriate response to the Fox anchor’s sexist remarks. Please take a moment to read it and share it:
There was also a great interview with Penny Herscher, CEO of First Rain. In this insightful interview, Ms. Herscher shares how parenting taught her to be a better leader – “the things you learn raising a child are great skills for nurturing a team and bringing a project to life.” Adam Bryant’s full article can be found here:
And lastly, an article on my holy grail subject of productivity – it seems, just like so much in life, it is about state of mind:
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