Newsletter October 19, 2015

Happy Monday!
From AI-CIO Magazine, there was a great article “Lifting the Lid on Asset Management’s Gender Problem,” and it is a worthwhile read especially for allocators. One of Europe’s biggest asset management firms has included diversity statistics in their annual report for the first time. This could be a great addition to DDQs to keep the focus on the issue and encourage transparency. The full article can be found here:
From the Harvard Business Review comes an insightful article on the obstacles to adding more women and minorities to management.  A company’s culture is dictated by the group currently in power, and even though change and transformation are the hallmark of successful companies, actually making it happen is a different story. And as we saw with the survey on corporate boards, success in adding diversity comes down to how committed those in power really are to making change. The full article can be found here:
Ruth Porat made news last week by noting that adding women to senior management is not only the right thing to do, but will help companies improve their performance. She says it best and the full article can be found here:
And finally, also from HBR, a great article on how to network a conference or any big event. This advice is aimed at the introverts, although I have seen, over the years that women are great at walking into a room full of women, and yet when we are in the minority even the most extroverted of us can feel at a loss as to how to break in. With that in mind, read on:
Huge thanks to our committee members for arranging a terrific line up of events for the Fall including our third annual Coed Boots & Blackjack Casino Night in Austin, our second annual C-Suite Dinner in Houston, a Charity Shopping Night in Dallas, Lunch with Mayor Betsy Price in Fort Worth, and our annual Holiday Luncheons.  Register early to avoid disappointment!
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