Newsletter November 11, 2014

Happy Monday!
Lots of news, so commentary will be short and sweet as the headlines speak for themselves. This week is Veteran’s Day – about 1% of our population serves in the military and I believe we all owe them a debt of gratitude for their service and protecting our way of life. One great article on this subject “Marine Corps Puts Women to the Test” by Michael Phillips explains how the Marines are in the midst of a large scale experiment intended to find out if women can fight in ground combat units alongside men. Semper Fi  devils –
The next, a headline from a CNN report says it all “Despite ‘Lean In’ Workplace Equality Remains Dismal:”
And an update on the pay gap:
For mothers:
For fathers:
And finally, the bombshell – “The $9 Billion Witness” – this is a MUST READ:
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We look forward to seeing you all at an event soon!
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