Newsletter May 5, 2014

Happy Monday!
For the last few weeks, the news has been filled with the loss of Malaysian Air flight MH370. There is no doubt this is a terrible tragedy and it is just mystifying in this day in age that we could lose an aircraft. Much less an aircraft with 239 souls on board.
What is also amazing is that just over 1 month later, on April 15th dozens of heavily armed terrorists kidnapped 326 Nigerian high school girls in the dead of night. Their crime? They had returned to their boarding school so they could take their final exams and go on to college to pursue careers. Instead, these girls are reportedly being auctioned off for about $12 each to become wives, and while the world has spent millions to find the missing aircraft, we have not almost nothing to help these girls. You can read the full story here:
In “Bring Back Our Girls” Nicholas Kristof makes the point that the best tool to fight extremism is education – especially the education of girls. I ask you to please take a moment to join the public call to help these girls.
If the recent market volatility has you concerned, we have a fabulous panel of allocators from some of the biggest pensions in the country and you will not want to miss what they have to say. Our upcoming Investment Outlook Panel – “State of the Market: Trends and Outlook for 2014 and Beyond is fast approaching – take a moment to buy your ticket to our May 15th Panel event in Dallas before it sells out! The event supports the college dreams of under-served girls across Texas, and it is a chance to meet your fellow TXWSW members from across the state!
See you all soon.
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