Newsletter May 12, 2014

Happy Monday!
It has been a very busy week in terms of great articles. Some of the standouts include: “Female CEOs are Fired More than Men” makes the case that women are brought in when the company is already in crisis (hello, GM, Yahoo & the Federal Reserve) and the odds are against success from the begining. The article can be found here:
And this – “Being a Good Mom Can Get You Fired”
One of my husband’s staffers was in the Army for years and was posted all over the world with his family moving with him every few years. The agreement he made with them was once his children reached high school, he would stay put for 4 years. During the four years, he was offered other jobs that would have required a move, but turned them all down to stay in Texas and keep his word to his family.He was not fired or forced out of his job for this choice. From everything I read, when women take care of their families, they are seen as unfocused and unreliable employees. When men do the same thing, that standard is not applied. And you will note that the article also points out that some people have to care for parents – taking care of family an issue that effects all people, not just women, and it is something that we as a society needs to see as a family issue and not a woman’s issue.
I loved this article “A Possible Path to Closing the Pay Gap”
Nicholas Kristof weighs in on #bringbackourgirls in a great opinion piece “What’s So Scary About Smart Girls” He makes the case that there is no more powerful force than educating women to transform a society. Instead of sending our troops to fight extremism, we should be sending books and teachers:
If the recent market volatility has you concerned, we have a fabulous panel of allocators from some of the biggest pensions in the country and you will not want to miss what they have to say. Our upcoming Investment Outlook Panel – “State of the Market: Trends and Outlook for 2014 and Beyond is fast approaching – take a moment to buy your ticket to our May 15th Panel event in Dallas before it sells out! The event supports the college dreams of under-served girls across Texas, and it is a chance to meet your fellow TXWSW members from across the state! I hope to see many of you this Thursday!
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