Newsletter June 8, 2010

Happy Monday!
The first article, from CIO Magazine addresses gender bias in Asset Management and draws on a study from State Street that finds that gender bias is alive and well in the industry, and a profound cultural shift will be needed to correct the gender imbalance in the business.  “The DNA of portfolio management lies in diversification,” Suzanne Duncan, global head of research for State Street’s Center for Applied Research, told CIO. “Yet, the industry has yet to apply this very idea to the management of talent. And talent is really the bread and butter of the business.” The full article can be found here:–Optical-Illusion–of-Asset-Management-s-Gender-Biases/  And the full State Street Study may be found here:
Then two articles from the New York Times. The first – “Our Problem with Powerful Women” explores the path to power roles in the US for women, whether it is in politics or a C-Suite job in the corporate world and the obstacles women still face trying to poke a hole in the glass ceiling to pull themselves through:
And lastly, a fascinating article about how the term ‘women’ became an exclusionary one (if we are 51% of the population, how can it be exclusionary) and also explores the unique journey that women face as a gender growing up:
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