Newsletter July 6, 2015

Happy Monday!
I hope you all enjoyed the July 4th weekend – it seems there were a lot of fireworks around the world including Greece’s historic ‘no’ vote and the US Women winning the World Cup.  With all this going on keeping you busy, I will keep today’s letter short and sweet.
From Bloomberg, an article noting that Wall Street’s big banks say all the right things about promoting women, however, the numbers tell a very different story:
And Liz Dolan earns a GOLD STAR for sharing what happens when a token woman is added to the board of a public company and is the victim of bias – she resigned her board seat after 8 months so she could share this cautionary tale with the world. This is her story:  Another take on it:
Lastly, we have all read that women underestimate their skills and do not put themselves forward for promotions unless they are sure they can do the job. Men are more likely to apply for jobs that they believe they can grow into. Apparently the same thing is true for math skills and it starts at an early age. This may help explain the gender imbalance in math related fields:
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