Newsletter July 20, 2015

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We often attribute unconscious bias to beliefs people have that shape their worldview and their actions. There is also a widespread belief that software and algorithms that rely on data are free from unconscious bias, however, recent research suggests that that is NOT the case – but software is not free from human influence and algorithms can actually reinforce human prejudices. The full article can be found here:
Fortune Magazine published a recent survey that found that less than half of women of color believe they have a fair chance to advance at work. When I really let that statement sink in, it was a profoundly sad statement that so many of our sisters feel that much discrimination at work – a really heartbreaking statistic. One of my mentors once shared with me that the reason gender discrimination is such a persistent problem is that women come in all shapes, sizes and colors so it is easy for women to forget our similarities and focus on our differences – and if a woman is saying negative things about another woman, then it opens the door for men to do it as well, and voila, we have a cycle that is hard to break. I would ask each of you when you are taking time to mentor other women or building your network of professionals to take this article to heart and be part of the solution:
Our last article was shared by one of our Houston members – many of you know Alexandra Pruner of Tudor Pickering. Her daughter, Dagney Pruner wrote a heartfelt and compelling article ‘In defense of mothers who work full time, from one CFO’s daughter.’ It makes for inspiring reading:  I talk to so many women who feel guilty about the time they spend at work – this is a must read from a child’s mouth that her daughter sees her as an inspiration and a role model for living her life on her own terms.
We have a terrific line up of events for the Fall including a coed cocktail party and brewery tour in Dallas, our second annual Charity Shopping Night in Houston, and a Holiday Luncheon in Austin.  Register early to avoid disappointment!
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