Newsletter January 5, 2015

Happy Monday!
Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and successful 2015! Since this is the time of new beginnings and resolutions, I wanted to share a fascinating article that applies since to help you meet your goals. “Research into procrastination has noted that people have much less concern about their future selves than their present selves — and are willing to sell their future selves down the river for the sake of present ease.” But interestingly, when deadlines loom we are willing to work whatever hours it takes to meet those deliverables rather than starting ahead of time! ‘If You Want to Meet that Deadline, Play a Trick on Your Mind’ details ways to beat the procrastination bug:
Regulators at both the state and federal level have recently shifted the focus of their investigations, recognizing the inherent value of bringing enforcement actions against individuals, as opposed to simply the companies that employ them.  The government is increasingly using corporate cooperation to obtain individual prosecutions.  For example, in 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated hundreds of executives and charged over eighty individuals, including a former hedge fund trader, a portfolio manager, the co-chair of a board, an investment banker, an investor relations executive, an accountant, husbands who traded on information they learned from their wives, and even a group of golf buddies.  If you become the focus of a government investigation or lawsuit, even if you are only called as witness, are you really protected?  Join us next week when our guest speaker, Heidi Lawson, speaks to us about the most common misunderstandings when it comes to indemnification and insurance – and event not to be missed!
Heidi will join us in all 4 cities talking about recent case law that explores the liability issue we all face. She will share concrete steps to take to protect both yourself and your firm.  This event is a must-attend for CFOs, Compliance Officers, General Counsels and anyone serving on a board. We look forward to seeing you all at an event soon!
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