Newsletter January 4, 2016

Happy Monday!
And Happy New Year to you all – may your New Year be filled with love, peace and happiness and very best wishes for a happy healthy and successful 2016.
My wish for the new year is that we see an end to ‘manels’ – or all male panels – which in spite of the attention on the issue has proved slow to change. As the next story will highlight, there is not a shortage of smart, talented women out there so the issue is one of conference organizers not believing there is an issue to address. Ladies, we are 51% of the population and we control 90% of the spending in this country – the solution to this issue is to vote with your wallet. By not attending events with all male panels, it will send a message to the organizers – and speaking up will also help. If you are a member of a group that regularly only features male speakers, say something. Change happens when there is an impetus!
CNN did a great piece on women who changed the world in 2015 – great inspiration for your new year. Read on:
Lastly, more evidence of workplace bias – even with the jobless rate falling to near full employment, women over 50 have the hardest time finding a job and make up the majority of the long term unemployed. The full article can be found here:
We have just an outstanding line up of events coming for you in 2016 starting with the Dallas event in two weeks. We thank you all for your continued support as we continue to grow and look forward to seeing you all soon!
Very kind regards

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