Newsletter February 1, 2016

Happy Monday!
A recent Newsweek article explores the disconnect between the outperformance of women-run funds and the dearth of assets allocated to those funds. As of 2015, only 2% of hedge funds were run by women and the majority of those managed less than $100 million – so not only is there discrimination in the allocation process, the funds targeted to women and minority managers are not making their way to women. The full article can be found here:
Former Bear Stearns trader Maureen Sherry has published a novel sharing her Wall Street experiences in a farcical tone. The story details a lot of the frat boy antics she experienced on the trading desk, and that she and the other women at Bear were part of the “Glass Ceiling Club.’ The full article can be found here – the novel should make for good Spring Break reading:
From the world outside of Wall Street, CNN took note of the fact that after the huge East Coast blizzard, the Senate was back open for business last Tuesday and only the women showed up for work. Read on:
Advertising executive Madonna Badger has started a powerful campaign against the objectification of women that is routine in her industry. Her short video is powerful and a must watch:
And finally to remind us just how fortunate we are, there was a great article this weekend on the struggles that women in India face as they seek employment. Even though their Constitution guarantees equality under the law, the reality these women face in 2016 is a dangerous one:
We have just an outstanding line up of events coming for you in 2016. We thank you all for your continued support as we continue to grow and look forward to seeing you all soon!
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