Newsletter December 22, 2014

Happy Monday!
Very Happy Holidays to you and yours. I hope you all enjoy the short holiday week and that your time off is filled with joyful celebration with your loved ones.
During this time of celebration, there was an interesting article detailing the demise of the RSVP. I blame Evite and the addition of ‘maybe’ when responding to an event. Someone has yet to explain to me how to have enough food for the maybes!
And the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki wrote an Op Ed in the WSJ detailing how paid maternity leave is good for business:
President Obama made history last week by becoming the first president ever to call on all female reporters during a press conference:  Women in the press have often complained about the dominance of male reporters in the field, so this was a nice milestone for them.
Huge thank you to all our committee members for doing a fabulous job in programming our events for this year. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for their hard work and creativity in arranging and executing events for us all to enjoy. I also want to thank Somer Washington who is stepping down as Dallas Networking Chair and Carter Wimberley and Raluca Dalea who are stepping down as Co-Chairs of the Houston Philanthropy Committee – these women have done a truly outstanding job the past three years and I am very grateful for their service. We are excited to have Brianna Letzelter and Deborah Griffith as the incoming Dallas Networking chairs and they have a lot of exciting programming in store for you. Rachael Cahan and Alexandra Gottschalk will be heading our Houston Philanthropy efforts and with three additional committee members, we look forward to great things from them in 2015.
In January, we are thrilled to have Heidi Lawson, Esq. in all 4 cities talking about recent case law that explores the liability issue many firms and funds face. She will share concrete steps to take to protect both yourself and your firm.  This event is a must-attend for CFOs, Compliance Officers, General Counsels and anyone serving on a board. We look forward to seeing you all at an event soon!
Kind regards

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