Newsletter August 17, 2015

Happy Monday!
As you may be aware, the headlines last week included the fact that public companies will need to begin disclosing the pay gap between CEOs and workers. An additional suggestion was to also make companies disclose their gender pay gap. It has been suggested that disclosing that gap would be much cheaper than the billions spent on training employees to spot unconscious bias and other discriminatory practices. The full article can be found here:
Kudos to KKR for taking their commitment to diversity seriously. Not only have they extended parental leave for men and women, they have added the perk of paying a child and their caregiver to accompany the parent on work trips. The full article can be found here:
And lastly, there was a great read in the Harvard Business Journal documenting the loss to productivity when companies view male management styles as superior and ignore the strengths women bring to the table – this will be especially problematic as women have been receiving the majority of undergraduate and graduate degrees for years, and this bias will shrink the talent pool for companies who do not adapt. The full article can be found here:
Huge thanks to our committee members for arranging a terrific line up of events for the Fall including a coed cocktail party and brewery tour in Dallas, our second annual Charity Shopping Night in Houston, and a Holiday Luncheon in Austin.  Register early to avoid disappointment!
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