The myth of the catty woman debunked/tips for extending women's careers/substance over fashion

Happy Tuesday:
To follow on last week’s theme of women helping women, Sheryl Sandberg is now taking on the myth of the catty woman. Popular opinion holds that the biggest enemy of women is a powerful woman, but the statistics say that is not true. “When strategy professors studied the top management of the Standard & Poor’s 1,500 companies over 20 years, they found something that seemed to support the notion. In their study, when one woman reached senior management, it was 51 percent less likely that a second woman would make it. But the person blocking the second woman’s path wasn’t usually a queen bee; it was a male chief executive. When a woman was made chief executive, the opposite was true.” The full article can be found here:
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (yes, that Kennedy family), she reflects on her political career and the almost rabid focus on her appearance versus her policies as a way to distract the discussion away from actual important topics. This phenomenon is also found in other areas and her take on it is an interesting one. Recall the fuss about Janet Yellen’s re-wearing of the same suit in a month. Read on:
From the halls of academia, family friendly policies have actually backfired in their intent giving an edge to male professors:
And lastly, from Forbes, tips for women to extend their careers beyond the traditional retirement age: This trend benefits both the professional women and their employers.
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