Lady CFO Gaffe / Lean In Together / Women Benefit from Mindfulness / Hidden Cost for Stay at Home Parents

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Last week saw the launch of Sheryl Sandberg’s campaign, Lean In Together. The idea behind it is if women stick together and support one another, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We are after all 51% of the population. Read on: And please take a moment to watch the video!
Following up on that, Sandberg launched a training program at Facebook to help employees identify their own biases in order to make them more effective in their roles. The full article can be found here:
Kudos to Danielle Ginach of Sonen Capital for calling out one of her fellow shareholders for addressing Ruth Porat as ‘lady CFO’ when addressing a question to her at the annual meeting. In Ms. Ginach’ s own words: “I am sorry to put another shareholder on the spot. But Ms. Porat is the CFO, not the lady CFO.” The full article can be found here:
Next, a Bloomberg article spells out the hidden cost for stay-at home parents. Unlike most financial decisions, the financial toll for taking time off to care for a child is largely hidden. According to the study “a hypothetical 26-year-old female worker with a salary of $44,000 a year would lose about $706,778 in lifetime income from taking five years off to care for a child.” The full article can be found here:
Lastly, from the Harvard Business Review, which by the way does a great job of reporting on women in the workplace; the title of this article says it all “Women Need Mindfulness Even More than Men Do.” Bottom line? Because women are often multi-tasking, introducing mindfulness as a practice can improve our performance. Sounds like a great topic for a TXWSW event! The full article can be found here:
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