January Career Tune-Up/Where Are the Female Billionaires?/Women on Boards

Happy Wednesday!
To begin, I am pleased to welcome Bianca B. King to our organization as head of marketing and sponsorship development. Bianca is the President and Creative Director of Seven5 Seven3 Marketing Group, and is known for her results driven out-of-the-box marketing approach and strategies. She has been featured in several on- and offline publications, including JET Magazine, One Million Entrepreneurs.com, Brand Maker News.com and the Story Exchange.com. Bianca has also written for several online publications including The Story Exchange.org, Women’s Forum.com and the National Association of Women on the Rise.com. For the past three years, she has served on the board of directors of the Something for Kelly Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit that is working to prevent eating disorders in children 6-12.  With over 17 years of marketing experience and an MBA in eCommerce Marketing, Bianca brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. Bianca lives in Dallas with her husband, Roy and their dog Kingsley. Please give her a warm welcome to Texas Wall Street Women.
We would also like to thank Heather Sauber for her years of service as she moves on to more and varied projects with her consulting company. It has been a pleasure to work with her over the years and we hope to still see her at our events.
January is the traditional time for New Year’s resolutions, and a recent NY Times article suggests adding a career tune-up to the list of items to focus on. The article covers several areas to focus on including asking for a raise and figuring out how to be happier where you are. The full article can be found here.
One area where the pay and opportunity gap hurts women is in the millionaires and billionaires list. A recent article asks the question, why aren’t there more female billionaires? The full article can be found here.
Given the focus on adding women to boards, the Wall Street Journal recently commissioned a study on 1500 of the largest companies in the Russell 3000. Surprisingly it found 76 public companies that have not had even one female director in the past decade. Some of these firms are in male-dominated fields like energy, but some, including Sketchers and Six Flags serve consumers where voting with your wallet can make a difference. The full article can be found here. The tech industry, known for its fierce talent wars, is making adding women to boards a big priority. The full article can be found here.
Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours and we look forward to seeing you all at an event in 2017! To learn more about our 2017 events, please visit www.txwsw.com

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