Hidden Figures/How To End Boring Meetings/51 Universal Truths to Achieve Success/Women Need a Tribe

Happy Wednesday!
I hope this finds you in the midst of an enjoyable holiday season! If you are heading to the movies, Hidden Figures is getting great reviews. It tells the story of a team of African American female mathematicians who played a critical role in helping America win the space race, and their story has been largely overlooked until now. The story is very inspirational for everyone. You may find a review here.
From Forbes, a recent article detailed the need for solid goals to solve gender inequality in the workplace. Women make up over half the total population, and despite earning more degrees, have lost ground in 48 of the 50 highest paying jobs. The full article can be found here.
An article in Bloomberg notes that professional women have the most to lose if barriers to immigration rise in the US. Because we are one of the few developed nations without access to universal childcare for working moms, the availability of low-cost labor has allowed more educated women to subcontract out traditional domestic duties and become productive members of the workforce. The full article may be found here.
Turning to New Year’s resolutions, the Wall Street Journal published a great piece on how to end boring meetings. That is a resolution we can all get behind and keep going through 2017! The full article can be found here.
From the useful career advice file, Julie Bort of Business Insider drew from her two decades of interviewing thousands of successful business people to create a list of the 51 Universal Truths that Will Make You Successful. This is a must read and something to keep referring to regularly especially when the going gets tough. The full article may be found here.
As many of you know, Texas Wall Street Women will have its 9th anniversary this January. We started the organization defining success as reaching several hundred members. Today we are approaching 2,500 members and a fourth chapter is getting off the ground in San Antonio. My husband jokes that this really is a second full time job for me, and I devote time and energy to it because I love all the wonderful people I meet working with you all to support each other and our philanthropy mission. It turns out that all this extra work has actually been good for my health. My mother-in-law recently shared an article with me on how important it is for women to be part of a tribe. The isolation of modern living is very stressful and having a sisterhood, a community of other women around us, gives us the moral, physical, emotional, and mental support we need. The full article can be found here.
Finally, with year-end almost upon us, I hope you will consider the Young Women’s Preparatory Network in your giving plans. Please help us make a difference for the 4,000+ students at the YWPN schools. To learn more about the amazing work they are doing, please click here.
Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours and we look forward to seeing you all at an event in 2017! To learn more about our 2017 events, please visit www.txwsw.com.

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