Gates Foundation Focuses on Gender / Job Interviews are Useless / Bro Culture on Wall Street

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The Wall Street Journal interviewed Melinda Gates to discuss why their foundation has shifted their focus to gender and how they intend to achieve their goals through a focus on women. To quote: “You empower a woman and you change the world,” Gates tells Brooks. “We know that if a woman is economically empowered inside her family, all kinds of magical things happen.” The full interview may be found here:
In the 8 years since TXWSW was founded, we have seen nothing short of amazing results from our focus on girls’ education through our partnership with the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. YWPN has come a long way in that time – they are up to 8 schools in the network with over 4,400 students across the state. We hope you will come out this Fall and attend one of our fundraisers, the details of which are below. If you cannot attend an event, we hope you will consider a donation to our girls:
Bloomberg published a fascinating article on why job interviews are useless. It seems we trust our intuition far more than we ought to when it comes to hiring decisions, and our biases, unconscious or otherwise get in the way of hiring the best person for the job.  Read on:
Finally, another article from Bloomberg notes that this election cycle has seen an increase in ‘locker room talk’ on Wall Street. By all accounts, older women note that things are better than they used to be, younger women believe there is still a long way to go. The full article can be found here:
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