Ebetuel (Beto) Pallares, PhD

beto-pallaresBeto Pallares founded Joseph Advisory Services (JAS) in 2006. He brings extensive domestic and international start-up experience as an entrepreneur and in conducting due diligence for both start-ups and late stage companies. His professional experience spans working for top-tier strategy consulting firms, co-founding start-ups, international business development, nonprofit management, venture capital and military service. In the summer of 2009, he co-founded Cottonwood Capital Partners, the general partner of Cottonwood Technology Fund, a seed and early-stage venture fund with headquarters in El Paso, TX. He serves on the boards of several start-ups ranging in sector focus from material sciences, IT, and life sciences. He is also an advisor to the UT Horizon Fund, the venture capital investment fund of the University of Texas System, and several other university systems. Beto serves on the limited partnership advisory committees of several venture funds in North America. Beto graduated from Brandeis University, in Waltham, MA, with a degree in economics, and received his MBA from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He also went on to attain a Ph.D. in International Business from UTEP. Dr. Pallares’ research has focused on confluence of high tech emerging market firms, incubators and technology commercialization. Beto is also a member of the Society of Kauffman Fellows, a highly sought-after group dedicated exclusively to the world of innovation investing. Dr. Pallares is married, and enjoys fatherhood. When not watching his kids while his wife, a professional photographer, is on assignment, he engages in reading, writing and community service, including service in Rotary International and Gideons International.

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