A Woman’s View from The Street 9/11/18

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Happy Tuesday!
We have our final tenth anniversary celebration in Dallas tomorrow and look forward to seeing you there. We are approaching our fall fundraiser season with our ever popular Boots & Blackjack events as well as lunches at the YWPN schools where you can share your college and career experiences with the students.
To begin, the Harvard Business Review published a piece on the power of women supporting each other at work. The article notes that still to this day women are punished for trying to lift up other women at work, but the author, a former managing director at Goldman who runs a successful investment firm and foundation of her own, postulates that the solution is to keep at it until we are able to change perceptions. The article makes for inspiring reading and can be found here.
The next generation of girls today are better educated and more vocal which is a huge inspiration and it will be exciting to watch what they are able to accomplish. The next article notes the four things that we need to be sharing with these girls to better prepare them to address the gender wage and opportunity gap that they face. The messages are: 1) break into male dominated fields early and often 2) release yourself from the ‘good girl’ mentality 3) claim your worth now and 4) affirm other women. This article underscores the importance of our partnership with the YWPN network – we have an opportunity to introduce these girls, who are on a STEM track, to the world of finance. See message one above. The full article can be found here.
The American Bar Association recently released a study noting that women and people of color continue to face barriers in hiring, promotions, assignments and compensation. The materials used by the Bar Association historically put the onus on individual lawyers to overcome barriers rather than focusing the profession on working to remove barriers. The full article can be found here.
Finally, the Wall Street Journal profiled Kathleen McCarthy who was just named co-head of Blackstone’s real estate group. The full article can be found here.
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